Camera Ready Instruction

Please be informed that the deadline for submitting the camera-ready paper is 2 March,2019. Note that this is a hard deadline and cannot be extended, i.e., late submission will not be considered for the inclusion into the proceedings.

Please comply with the following steps carefully in preparation for your camera-ready paper.

Step 1

Format your paper according to the LNCS template and generate the corresponding PDF file of your manuscript

Paper length:

Research Paper: The length of papers is limited to 16 LNCS pages, including all text, figures, references and appendices.

Step 2

Complete the attached file

You should fill in the surnames of all authors, first names of all authors, contact author’s name and mailing address as well as the contact author’s email in the attached file contact.txt. Once data processing has been finished, Springer shall contact the corresponding authors and ask him/her to check his/her papers.

Step 3

Complete the attached copyright form

Note that (1) we do not accept digital signatures, so please make sure that all forms have been signed in ink; (2) one author may sign on behalf of all the authors of a particular paper; (3) scan the completed copyright form in electronic format (in PDF) and rename it to be DASFAA_BDQM_XXX_cr.pdf where XXX is your paper ID.

Step 4

Create a folder named DASFAA_BDQM_XXX, where XXX is your paper ID.

Step 5

Place the following files in the folder DASFAA_BDQM_XXX (created from Step 4):

the paper source files. Note that you should include all the source files, e.g., if you are using Latex, then you should include LaTeX2e files for the text and PS/EPS or PDF/JPG files for all figures, as well as the Final DVI file.

the PDF file (from Step 1)

the contact.txt file (from Step 2)

the copyright form file (from Step 3)

Step 6

Zip up the folder from Step 5 and call it

Step 7

Send the zip file (from Step 6) to